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SZTÁV Adult Education Ltd. and its predecessor has already been performing training activities for more than 40 years. Due to its sites all over the country (we are represented in 16 places throughout Hungary) we provide adult education services on a large scale. Our company has adapted to the changing economy constantly expanding its training services in the field of adult and vocational education. Our institutional capacity consists of about 50 full-time employees and more than two hundred external trainers who are constantly working on educational tasks. Among the company’s priorities is a key mission to hold services on a top level in full accordance with our costumer’s needs. That’s why, beyond introducing the 9001:2001 quality system (ISO) our company was among the first ones to achieve the certification “accredited institutions” issued by the Adult Training Accreditation Board (Felnőttképzési Akkreditáló Testület), which certification in the second half of the year 2014 will be replaced by an official permission related to the adult education tasks (due to the change of the Hungarian Adult Education Act in 2013).

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The SZTÁV Adult Education Ltd. is a qualified member of the Adult Educators Association (Felnőttképzők Szövetsége) and has an officially certified training and exam preparation centre of welding profession. In our independent testing centre we have an official permission for testing of 119 state-approved qualifications (as the National Qualification Register is required), in addition for several government authorised exams, such as fire service and labour safety. In 2010 in our examination centre 1679 persons passed successfully 109 principal exams, in 2011 122 exams were passed by 1678 persons, in 2012 134 exams by 1620 persons. In 2013 4450 attended our courses, from 3749 examinee 3680 passed successfully our exams. We are in strategic partnership with several partners within the private sector and governance also. Being the maintainer of the CENTROSZET Regional Integrated Vocational Training Centre (something like ROC’s in the Netherlands) we can strengthen our vocational profile in the capital and Pest County. We give priority to our training developments during the cooperation with employers and their organizations.


Our company transacts more than 300 trainings every year and in the recent years the number of students exceeded 4,600 people per year. Every year, more than 1,200 students pass exams organized for them. Our courses are arranged with the assistance of 249 instructors.


Over the past decade our company has been the beneficiary of number of EU projects. We also successfully completed various public procurements. In 2011 as a result of a partnership with Hungarian State Railways (MÁV Zrt.) more than 800 staff members of the railways company were trained (lifting machine operator). Successfully with a 100% exam success, with about 600 employees we completed an organized platform for management and administrative training (as the National Qualification Register is required) for the Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta Zrt.). We had won and implemented a special training for disadvantaged people in the field of building industry for the residents of Cigánd. With cooperation of Ministry of Interior (Belügyminisztérium) we provide professional trainings for prisoners in different institutions in the eastern region of Hungary (management platform, cutting machine operator, etc.).


It’s worth to work with SZTÁV Adult Education Ltd. because:

  • We have decades of experience in adult education and vocational training
  • Our company is represented in 16 places throughout Hungary as a national organization
  • We are working in a certified and audited system
  • We work at competitive prices
  • The satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed



Have more questions? Contact us:


tendering & EU rapporteur

Mobile: 36.20.773.4035

E-mail: szilagyi.janos@sztav.hu


1149 Budapest, Angol u. 36.
Tel.: (1) 267 6464,
(20) 773 4000,
(40) 535 353

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